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I finally decided to write a review of my experience from years ago. When I got my haircut the stylist used shears to shave my neck that had a problem and were to sharp. I ended up with small scratches/cuts on my neck. Apparently she had not cleaned them because almost immediately I started noticing whelps that were oozing on my neck. Over the next few weeks they continued to appear and I would put neosporin on them but they wouldn’t go away completely. Finally I used an old remedy called “black dab” to draw out the cores. Over the next couple of years the same whelps would pop up in various places on my body plus my neck.

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The worst haircut I've ever had. The stylist cut my hair so short that all I can do is wait for it to grow back for someone to clean up her incompetent work. You are now compelled to give up your personal contact information. I'll never go back.

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This place deserves 0 stars. Now they raised prices and customers have to check in and out. And the stylist don't know how to cut hair. How do you not know how to fade a 2 down to a 0? It took this girl over an hour to try and fade the back of my head and she screwed it up so bad it couldn't be fixed. Hope this place is shut down and these "stylists" are never allowed to touch another persons head. This place causes public humiliation with their "haircuts".

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David F | July 25, 2017 Overall Experience

"I have been coming to the Alabaster store for a number of years now. I showed up yesterday to find n"